Miracles are Real

This is a letter of recommendation highest praise for Sian Johnston(Animal Physiotherapist).

These are the events following the treatment of my dog Sophie Kennedy.
She is a 12 year old, Golden English female Cocker Spaniel.

09 April 2017

  • Sophie came down with onset paralysis.
  • spoke to the vet – recommended Cortisone

10 April 2017

  • Sophie was completely paralysed.
  • The Specialist Vets — consensus diagnosis of Acute Idiopathic Polyradiculoneuritis.
  • X-rays showed bones strong, slight degeneration of lower spine and wisps in chest of suspected phlegm.
  • I  administered  home  care  from  the 10th  ” April  onwards  with Sophie  on  an  airbed  and  expressing  bladder .
  • Had Fourways Vet on standby for intubation if necessary.
  • Other therapists said it was hopeless and they had not seen a dog this paralysed and no amount of muscle stimulation was yielding any hope.

A friend who‘s dog had a spinal operation by the specialist vet recommended I contact Sian on 23 April.
As nothing was working and Sophie was losing muscle tone rapidly, I completed the case history form and emailed it to Sian.

Sian arrived for her first appointment to see Sophie and ascertain treatment.

Thereafter Sian treated Sophie at first once a week, then twice and occasionally three times a week as Sophie responded to the stimulation and nerve regeneration exercises. Sian made a list of several daily muscle stimulation and mental stimulation exercises for me to do with Sophie.

Sian never gave up on Sophie and eventually in early stage recovery, she would even try and wag her little stump of a tail when seeing her.

June 2017

  • During June, I had to travel internationally for ten days, during that time, Sian came to see Sophie almost every day and her encouragement and perseverance with Sophie was unwavering.
  • Sophie by that time was rolling herself, still unable to get up or stand but her breathing was so much better and in herself, her strong personality was returning.

25 June 2017

  • Sophie took her first independent steps again!

Today… over a year later, Sophie back to being her old self, an absolute joy!

It is without hesitation that I can highly recommend Sian Johnston for her unwavering commitment to her profession. Without her commitment to get Sophie back on all fours; both Sophie and I would not be where we are today.