There is hope in even the Toughest Case

My 7 year old White Shepard mix “Vigil” tore her cruciate on the one leg and her ACL on the other in November 2017.

After taking her to the vet we knew a long and hard road lay ahead of us. With 2 surgeries to face, as well as the recovery time required, including keeping her in confinement after each surgery.

I promptly moved from having an external office to working from home so that I could care for her. We were fortunate enough to have an exceptional vet who not only did great work, but also put us in touch with a specialist physio he knew named Sian Johnston.

Directly after her first knee op on 1 Dec 2017, I called Sian and we made our first appointment. I knew how going to a human physio had me me in the past, and our vet strongly recommended it for Vigil. After a few sessions, I can say, without reservation, that an animal physio is someone of immense value to those they treat.

Sian has been as dedicated as us on the long journey to getting Vigil strong and active again.

Due to the weeks of confinement between surgeries and her restricted movement, Vigil had both the knee joint issues as well as muscle atrophy. Sian quickly managed to gain the trust of a dog in a lot of pain and was able to patiently work with her. She continued until she was comfortable having all the treatments she needed for mobility, strength and pain relief.

Sian also gave us “homework” to do after each session and was able to gently teach us how to help Vigil. Months have gone by and I am thrilled to say I have a happy healthy dog, able to run around and get up to her usual mischief. I am more than happy to recommend Sian for her patience, her caring, and both her learned and her intuitive skills for healing and dealing with animals.