About Us


Happy Feet Animal Physiotherapy use a specialist physiotherapy to rehabilitate your animal after injury. Including a combination of massage, stretching, electrotherapies and rehabilitative exercise. Aiming to maintain optimal functioning of your animal’s musculoskeletal system. In addition I also offer other alternate treatments to give a range of possible therapies (I.e. Masterson Method, Reiki, canine behaviour).

Following an injury, an animal can be in significant pain and distress. It is the aim of our therapy to increase comfort and to enhance the healing process after injury. Rehabilitative exercises work to maintain ensure a quick and efficient return to normal life, with the owners involvement. Furthermore, offering continued care after injury to maintain quality of life to those who need long term management.

Due to the different nature of each individual case. My in depth knowledge in: equine and canine anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, injury and disease pathology are used. It is my business pride and joy, with a large part of this relating to building relationships with the animals in my care. Bringing understanding to your animals needs. Allowing the best care possible when they need it the most. Leaving your animal’s health and welfare is in expert and caring hands.