Thinking outside the Box

Ya El Jedi Knight.

About two years ago my horse, Ya EL Jedi Knight did something in the paddock and the result is that he went lame in his hind quarters. I had x-rays taken and the vets found chips in his fetlock area. As he was being very difficult, no more exploratory work was done.

He was rested for 6 months and the slowly brought back to work. He was sound for a while but the problem surfaced again.

Sian Johnston then came to see him. She works as a veterinary physiotherapist. She also uses other techniques to help her in her work.

While she worked on Jedi, she explained each step and his reaction. He was very difficult in the first session. He would not stand still and barged through us on many occasions. Sian was persistent but extremely patient in what she was doing.

She is a knowledgeable person and leaves no stone unturned. She is an asset to the industry. The vets will give a diagnosis and Sian is able to interpret the information and then work with the problem areas so as to help rehabilitate the horse.

One week later she worked on him again.  He responded extremely well. Sian’s work had had a positive effect and the horse has definitely improved.

Sian has done a few sessions of physio on Jedi and from a horse that was struggling with uneven gaits and lameness, she has been able to improve his movement and general comfort. Her ongoing interest and work on the horse has definitely made a difference.